Doing Business in Ukraine

coverThrough the years we have published several volumes of our legal reference guide “Doing Business in Ukraine.” The latest edition is a comprehensive analysis of Ukrainian business laws and practices, and contains 650+ pages of highly valuable information (see table of contents here). Our guide has been well-received by the foreign community, including diplomats, bankers, and multi-national companies alike. Here are just a few comments:

"Your firm has compiled a very useful reference guide. I hope it will help investors open doors to doing business in Ukraine." 

Carlos Pascual, Ambassador of the United States of America in Ukraine 


"Your book will be a welcome addition to the Embassy library and will be of particular use to my Commercial Section when assisting British investors in Ukraine…. I will continue to appreciate your firm’s analysis of Ukrainian corporate legislation."  

Roland H. Smith, Her Majesty’s Ambassador, British Embassy in Kyiv


"The book entitled “Doing Business in Ukraine” has clearly involved a considerable amount of work and will be an invaluable source of reference for addressing issues, especially in the area of taxation. I will ensure that some of my banking colleagues are aware of the publication."

Julian Exeter, Senior Economist, EBRD 


"For me the guide "Doing Business in Ukraine" is an essential and easy to use guide for a wide range of legal questions when operating in Ukraine. It also helps to have a "second opinion" to what your local business partners tell you is the law or procedure. This "second opinion" is especially necessary as we found that most local business partners are not always up to date with the quick changing legal environment in Ukraine."

David Zak, CFO, Vetropack Group 


"If you are developing business as a foreigner in Ukraine, you need guidelines. "Doing Business in Ukraine" is a valuable tool for my company, but also to give to potential customers to give them a better understanding of this amazing country. To develop business in Ukraine is not very difficult, but it is different from many Western European countries, and therefore you need partners to guide you to the right decision making. Our cooperation with Frishberg & Partners has been both pleasent and very productive." 

Helge Ranvik, CEO, Scandinavian House AS 


"[Your] very interesting publication “Doing Business in Ukraine” ... will be very useful for this Embassy. I sincerely congratulate you on the constant and rigorous work of your firm."

Fernando J. Belloso, Ambassador of Spain 


“Alex Frishberg and his excellent legal guide book “Doing Business in Ukraine” provided valuable legal advice and comments for me and the Korean Embassy since my arrival in 2008. In addition, Alex also delivered me a practical viewpoint for the understanding of great potentials in Ukraine. I appreciate his contribution greatly.”

Park Ro-Byug, Ambassador, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Ukraine.


"Thank you very much for your excellent book "Doing Business in Ukraine", which will be of great value to our work."

Renato L. R. Marques, Ambassador of Brazil to Ukraine


“[t]he essential legal guide "Doing Business in Ukraine"…is the most comprehensive edition about Ukrainian corporate legislation. I'm sure it will be very useful for us. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.“

I Gusti Putu Gede, Counsellor, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Kyiv 


"All my colleagues, as well as me personally, enjoy the Legal Guide “Doing Business in Ukraine” as of the moment of its first edition, and look forward to receive each new edition every time it is published. The new edition is essentially revised and amended with the new relevant sections. The Legal Guide may be recommended either to newcomers of Ukrainian business, or to experienced companies and firms, due to the fact that every single specialist, from the executor to the top manager, can find all necessary and useful information in the Legal Guide “Doing Business in Ukraine." 

George Grushchenko, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy 


"The tempo of changes and fluctuations of modern economics is high and the rules of game change fast and often. In such competitive environment it is difficult for foreign companies to act adequate without masterpiece guide. “Doing Business in Ukraine” of Frishberg & Partners is such guide. It allows seeing the opportunities and possible obstacles in advance and reveals ins and outs of local laws and regulations that are necessary for potential business man to know in order to successfully penetrate the market. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to use your book for our needs. With the help of it we supported many companies and avoided a lot of problems." 

Kim Chang, Sik Commercial Attache the Embassy of the Republic of Korea 


"I would like to mention that we can fairly name it as a Guide for the foreigner in developing business in Ukraine as far as it comprises necessary information about the rules of conducting business on the territory of Ukraine and also the references on basic laws and regulation that govern business activity in Ukraine."

Valeriy Palchuk, Honorary consul of the Sultanate of Oman in Ukraine 


"I am sure your Ukrainian legal guide in English will be very useful for our work."

Jolanda Brunetti, Ambassador, Embassy of Italy in Kyiv


"I highly appreciate your publications which we receive from time to time. You may be aware that we are quoting your firm as a reference firm. We know you and your colleagues as highly professional legal advisors in Ukrainian law. In all cases we were working together, we have appreciated your professionalism."

Thomas Heidemann, Beiten Burkhardt, Moscow & Beiten Burkhardt, St. Petersburg


"Many thanks for your book on “Doing Business in Ukraine”. This is indeed an excellent work, and we will no doubt be consulting it in relation to any Ukrainian work we do."

Lovells (Moscow Office)

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