Due Diligence

Frishberg & Partners has extensive experience in the research and drafting of due diligence reports on behalf of both private and government-funded clients with interest in privatization or acquisition of stock in private Ukrainian enterprises. This process involves asset valuation, verification of legal status and ownership rights, and compliance with accounting requirements.

We place special emphasis on the detection of liabilities, both real and contingent. In particular our investigation team looks for questionable contracts and financial transactions involving off-shore company structures, unusual rules governing the rights of shareholders, environmental liabilities such as aging fuel tanks and waste ponds, unfinished construction which has been grossly overvalued, among others

We performed due diligence of pre and post-privatized soda-water and brewing facilities for Baltic Beverages Holding AB, a major investor in the local beer market and creator of Slavutich brand of beer (currently #2 brand in Ukraine). We also prepared due diligence for Chumak, negotiated and drafted share-purchase agreements, structured cash and in-kind contributions, and obtained the requisite Antimonopoly Committee approval.

Other large plants that retained us to prepare due diligence include Gostomel Glass Factory, Prista Oil-Ukraine, KyivOblEnergo OJSC, RivneAzot OJSC, Vinnytsa Vegetable Oil and Fat Plant OJSC, Khartsisk Pipe Plant OJSC, Lutsk Cardboard and Ruberoid Factory OJSC, “SLAVUTICH” Beer and Soft Drink Enterprise, Sumy Electron Microscope Factory, “SELMI”, and Zhidachiv Cellulose-Paper Mill.

Fields represented include: breweries, soda manufacturing, cement production, cardboard production & wood processing, electricity, production of refrigerators, furniture-making, defense conversion, pharmaceuticals, steel and glass manufacturing, among others.


“Emilceramica appreciates Frishberg & Partners' professional collaboration in supporting the project "Joint Venture Zeus Keramik" with Ukrainian participation. In this regard, Emilceramica hopes to have Frishberg & Partners' assistance in future.” 

Dr. Efrem Montepietra, Emilceramica SpA

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"We hired Frishberg & Partners to analyze certain issues in the Ukrainian legislation in the process of acquiring a company in Ukraine and were very happy with the services we received. All your lawyers we worked with are extremely professional, competent and helpful. Thank you for a job well done."

Dmitriy Kasyanenko, Vimpel Communications

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 “You did an excellent job for Joss Chemicals BV, and you prepared an excellent report on our behalf.  This was very positive for us, and it allowed us to set up our business in Ukraine.  Now we are actively pursuing this business thanks to your excellent lawyers.” 

Jan Huijbregts, Joss Chemicals BV

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"Mr. Alex Frishberg Esq. and his associates at Frishberg & Partners have for years, including during my predecessors, provided invaluable and highly qualified legal advice and services to the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv. We have especially appreciated Mr. Frishberg's and his law firm's support on matters concerning real estate, including by conducting negotiations on our behalf, and on a range of other issues..."

Stefan Gullgren, Ambassador, the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv

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"…Mr. Alex Frishberg has been legal advisor and attorney for the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv since 1992. In this period Mr. Frishberg has assisted the Embassy in matters relating to Ukrainian property law, labour law, commercial code and other aspects of civil law. We have been happy to recommend his and his law firm's services to Norwegian companies that have been interested in investing or otherwise engage in the Ukrainian market, and we know that many such companies have made use of his services and with great success."

Olav Berstad, Ambassador, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv

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"Since 2008 Alex Frishberg is the Legal Adviser on the Belgian Embassy and gives the Embassy of Belgium timely and helpful advice, on important legal issues. These includes property and human resource questions as well as other issues associated with running a busy Embassy in Kyiv.
We value this help."

Mark Vinck, Ambassador, the Embassy of Belgium in Kyiv

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 “We are very satisfied with the services of your law firm and especially appreciate the quick, accurate and business- minded responses and analysis.” 

Dr. Brigitte Carbonare-Hartsleben, British Telecom Global Services

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"Alex Frishberg had been my Honorary Legal Adviser since June 2008. He also held this position for my predecessor. Alex and his team have given the embassy a range of timely and helpful advice on a broad range of important legal issues. These have included property and human resource questions as well as other issues associated with running a busy embassy in Kyiv. We have immensely valued their help. I have also been interested in Alex's views and analysis of Ukrainian institutions and politics, based on his many years of experience in Kyiv."

Leigh Turner, Her Majesty's Ambassador, British Embassy in Kyiv

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“I really appreciate the capability and professionalism of your lawyers and the efforts your company successfully put in the defense of ours. We thank you for your assistance and cooperation.”

Flavia Smiraglio, Fiat Auto S.p.A.

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“Thank you and the colleagues at Frishberg & Partners for your assistance and the very valuable input you provided.  We are all happy with the outcome of the matter that was handled well, based on a good sense of judgment, lots of wisdom, good decision making and good use of past learnings from previous experiences in this country.”  

Elias N. Ashkar, INDEVCO Group

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