sandro A BW smallSandro A. Lemmen is the head of our international business development practice area.  In this capacity, Mr. Lemmen consults European companies and individuals interested in entering or expanding in the Ukrainian market.  In the past, he has acted as a consultant for a wide range of German and international companies, amongst them being: AIST MediaLab AG (Germany), Destinator GmbH (Germany / Canada) and ALK Technologies (U.K./U.S.), navigation and technology provider to the U.S. DoD, GSA and FMCSA, as well as ZF Openmatics s.r.o., the Connectivity Division of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.  Mr. Lemmen also has extensive experience in the private sector, especially in the IT, in the automotive industry and in business development.  He is currently focused on international business development, with partners and clients from Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, the CIS region and the U.S.

Languages: English, German, French.

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