af photoAlex Frishberg, born Kiev, Ukraine.

Education: University of Missouri, St. Louis (B. A., 1985); Washington University School of Law (J. D., 1988).


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Speaking Engagements 

U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and BISNIS: Ukraine’s Current Legal & Investment Climate 
Washington, District of Columbia: January, 2006  

Economist Intelligence Unit: Meeting of the East European Group 
         London: September, 2004 
         Vienna: April, 2002 
         London, Brussels, Amsterdam: January / February, 2002 
         Vienna: December, 2001 
         Brussels, Paris, London: September, 2001 
         Vienna: June, 2000 
         London: September, 1998 

Round Table with Beiten Burkhardt Mittl & Wegener 
Frankfurt & Munich: March, 2000  

The United States Trade & Investment Center
Brussels, Belgium: February, 1999 

Economist Intelligence Unit: Window On Ukraine
Vienna, Austria: March, 1998  

The United States Trade & Investment Center
Brussels, Belgium: March, 1998

Pan European Mission to USA: US Investment Forum for Central and Eastern Europe and CIS, 
New York, New York: June, 1997 

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Hague, April, 1997 

University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business
Chicago, Illinois: January, 1997

Columbia University School of Law
New York, New York: October, 1996 and October, 1995 

The American Graduate School of International Management
Thunderbird Campus, Glendale, Arizona: May, 1996 

Ukraine Business Agency
London, England: August, 1995; May, 1, 1994; April, 1993 

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development Annual Meeting of Board of Governors,
London, England: April, 1995 

Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Vienna, Austria: September, 1993 

Erasmus University
Rotterdam, The Netherlands: September, 1993 

World Economic Forum
Kiev, Ukraine: July, 1993

Member: admitted, 1988, Pennsylvania; 1990, District of Columbia; 1992, Ukraine; Licensed to advise on privatization matters by the Ukrainian State Property Fund; American Bar Association; Chairman, Legal, Government Relations and Economic Committee, American Chamber of Commerce in the Ukraine, 1992-1995, 1999.

Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Practice Areas: Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Real Estate, Privatization.

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