172392 66mainAlexander Paskhaver (Of Counsel)

Education: Ph. D., Institute of Economy of the Academy of Science of the USSR, Moscow (1972). Advisor on Economic Policy to the President of the Ukraine; Consultant to the Ukrainian State Property Fund. Editor-in-chief of the bulletin The Ukrainian Economic Monitor.

After graduating from the Kyiv Institute of National Economy, Mr. Paskhaver underwent his post-graduate studies in the USSR Academy of Sciences' Institute of Economy (Moscow). He is a Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Member of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Adviser to President of Ukraine.

Mr. Paskhaver was a leading research fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine's Institute of Economy from 1971 to 1992, where he specialized in economic efficiency, privatisation and demonopolisation issues. In 1992-1994 Mr. Paskhaver was a Leading Expert of the Centre of Market Reforms, consultant at Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett and Kiev-Reforma Foundation.

Mr. Paskhaver was an active participant of the process of market reforms implementation in Ukraine's economy, and in 1995 he became one of the initiators of the creation of the Centre for Economic Development and currently serves as the President and Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Monitoring of the Economy of Ukraine. Mr. Paskhaver has served as Advisor to the President, Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and to the Chair of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.


The Law On Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises, The Law On Small Scale Privatization, The Law On Privatization Certificates, among others.

Editor of the Bulletin Privatization in Ukraine. Leading researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Science (1971-1992).

Languages: Russian and Ukrainian.  

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